Jennifer Lopeza€™s relationship: matchmaking schedule, Boyfriends and Breakups

Jennifer Lopeza€™s relationship: matchmaking schedule, Boyfriends and Breakups

Jenny from block is among the sexiest lady on the planet, a fruitful US artist, dancer, celebrity, and producer. Their sex life has been remarkable and constantly followed closely by the mass media since she had gotten hitched three times and dated a lot of celebrities.

Ojani Noa

Jennifera€™s very first partner had been Ojani Noa, a star from Cuba. Jenny and Noa had gotten married in February 1997, but their prefer story performedna€™t final too-long. The happy couple divorced just 11 several months later. After lots of community verbal assaults Noa resolved to Jennifer Lopez, an official court arbitrator granted a permanent injunction which forbids Noa from a€?criticizing, denigrating, casting in a poor light or perhaps disparaginga€? their ex-wife.

Sean a€?Diddya€? Combs

Jenny and Sean P. Diddy found on musical video set, and pair had been dating until 2001. After, within the interview, Lopez stated Diddy was not faithful to the woman in their connection, nonetheless they stayed company until today. Sean P. Diddy stated Jennifer was one of his great wants undeniably.

Cris Judd

Jennifera€™s next ex-husband, Chris Judd mentioned into the meeting for all of us Weekly in 2004, their marriage simply didna€™t services and a€?whenever you register with have partnered, your cana€™t only disappeara€?. Jennifera€™s songs movie Love Dona€™t Cost anything got together Jennifer and Cris, and also the couple got hitched in Sep 2001. Under a-year after, their love tale finished in Summer 2002, plus the couple formally divorced in 2003.

Ben Affleck

Jennifer didna€™t lose enough time after the separation and divorce from the lady 2nd husband Cris in June 2002. After just a couple several months, she got interested with Ben Affleck, in November exactly the same 12 months. Ben and Jennifer, or a€?Bennifera€? pair as nicknamed by the click, came across on film ready for Gigli. A couple of years after, in January 2004 one or two divide once they known as their unique event down.

Marc Anthony

After an unsuccessful union with a Ben Affleck, Jennifer married Marc Anthony in June 2004. After four decades along, the happy couple have twins in 2008. Simply dating sites free when their own appreciation facts appeared to seem like a fairytale, the happy couple launched their unique divorce proceedings and divide in July 2011. Following divorce or separation, Jennifer stated in one of the interview: a€?It was actuallyna€™t the desired that I’d wished for, and it also could have been much easier to fan the flames of resentment, frustration, and outrage. But Marc could be the father of my personal girls and boys, and thisa€™s never ever going away. So I need to work to render issues best. And that’s, by far, the hardest efforts i actually do.

Beau a€?Caspera€? wise

Jennifer decided to conquer her third unsuccessful relationships and start online dating Beau a€?Caspera€? Smart in November 2001. The break up was available in 2014, as well as their union is a€?ona€? and a€?offa€? for the following 2 years.


Popular rap artist and Lopez fulfilled in December 2016, at the backstage of her a€?All i’vea€? tv show. The pleased couples discussed a photograph on Instagram, in which these are generally cuddling. However, months after, in March 2017, a source advised United States regularly their unique relationship a€?died down a bita€?. In March 2017, Jennifer made an appearance on a€?The constant Showa€? with Trevor Noah, and rejected all of the rumors about the partnership with Drake.

Alex Rodriguez

Leta€™s hope that Jennifer ultimately found the love of her existence within the former Yankee. She begins dating Alex in March 2017, plus the partners is cheerfully in love since that time. According to research by the trustworthy source, several try looking to relocate with each other, as well as their little ones already turned big company (Alex has two daughters from their earlier relationship). Supply furthermore extra: a€?An wedding is certainly beingshown to people there. Alex was enthusiastic about Jen and uses just as much time as he can together with her.a€?


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