Filtration pitchers are simple, inexpensive solutions for enhancing the top-notch your own normal water.

Filtration pitchers are simple, inexpensive solutions for enhancing the top-notch your own normal water.

But while many types are intended entirely to deal with style impurities, rest such as the legendary Pure Water Filter Pitcher are just like creating an individual water medication plant in your home. If you have toddlers in your house and be worried about harmful contaminants that might be lurking inside their servings, you will want the purification capacity only an Epic can offer.

Legendary Clear Water Filter Overview

Couple of filtration pitchers match the purification potential and impressive engineering in the Epic absolute. It’s BPA-free and gets rid of around 99.99% percentage greater than 200 plain tap water impurities, such as the most bad for youngsters, such as lead, fluoride, glyphosate and PFOAS. Top-quality strong carbon dioxide strain become laboratory tried and go beyond many NSF/ANSwe Standards. Epic publishes the entire test reports for openness.

The sturdy Tritan pitcher retains a good-sized two liters and is crafted for ease. Characteristics from a h2o dam that stops spills to and an easy-fill flip-top cover allow it to be very simple to use, also for youngsters. Your children receives the best-tasting, finest drinking water revenue can buy, and its convenient — just Epic makes it this simple.

    Thorough contaminant reduction Space-saving build Easy-fill leading Safety-certified life warranty
    Pitchers commonly dishwasher-safe

Leading Epic Uncontaminated Water Filtration Pitcher Q & One

  • Q: just how long perform some carbon dioxide filters finally?
  • A: Epic Pure Pitcher strain posses a lifespan of three to four several months, based on normal daily usage and drinking water top quality. Seriously contaminated h2o lowers the life span in the filter. A handy Light-emitting Diode timer reminds one to change it out every 3 months.
  • Q: Does this filtration remove useful nutrients?
  • A: No, the fit minerals your system needs, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, commonly got rid of.
  • Q: Is It Possible To make use of this pitcher to filter well water?
  • A: indeed, but the Epic natural can’t create unattended better water biologically safer for, so that it’s most secure to utilize with disinfected municipal liquid unless their fine was examined and harbors no bacterium.

My Personal Consider

Water pitchers aren’t nuclear physics, nevertheless Epic Pure comes close. When the point of blocking h2o is make it as safer as you possibly can and promote its flavor, nothing will it much better. The processed design eliminates the most widespread problems about less pitchers — it’s simple to fill, well-balanced and pours perfectly.

If only they comprise dishwasher-safe, nevertheless’s limited sacrifice for what may be the most useful liquid filtration pitcher available. The initial pricing is greater than the opponents, you have everything pay money for — subscribe to It’s a spend your won’t feel dissapointed about.

Epic Clear Water Filter Show Attributes

One or more families has given on h2o pitchers because most are an annoyance to make use of. Start thinking about how these characteristics will make the legendary Pure best liquid filter pitcher for your home:

Contamination Filtered:

The Epic natural shorten these common pollutants:

  1. Lead
  2. Mercury
  3. Arsenic
  4. Fluoride
  5. PFAS
  6. Chromium 6
  7. Pesticides
  8. Herbicide including glyphosate
  9. Chlorine
  10. Chloramine
  11. Hormones
  12. Microplastics
  13. Deposit
  14. Trace pharmaceuticals and a lot more

Micron Review

a mechanical drinking water filter decrease contamination by leaving out particles bigger than its skin pores. Assessed in microns – millionth of a meter – the smaller the pores, the less contaminants that transit.

The legendary Pure’s coconut carbon filtration gets rid of contamination down to two microns. It’s maybe not little sufficient to protect you against all micro-organisms or parasites, however it’s among the best purification capacity for residential pitchers.


Nothing’s worse than a dried out water pitcher whenever everyone else from the dining table desires a glass or two — avoid undersized versions. The legendary Pure features a generous 2-liter capacity — that’s approximately 8.5 cups or six average-size tumblers. It’s enough for a family group of four.


Liquid pitchers bring a track record for cracking — I encourage just sturdy products for the children. The legendary sheer consists of BPA-free, shatter-resistant Tritan plastic for durability and features an entire D-handle. The cheaper half manages on some models is challenging for kids to put on, and they provide no architectural reliability to the pitcher.

Filtration Existence

Knowing when you should exchange filters is not a defined science because liquids top quality effects show. Altering strain too quickly is not cost-effective, but waiting too long ways pollution could seep through.

Legendary natural strain last about ninety days and shopping for $36, nevertheless conserve 20-percent by signing up for Epic’s Clean drinking water pub. An LED signal built into the cover lets you know if it’s times for a swap. It’s a foolproof system that ensures the most trusted h2o possible.


The National Sanitation basis (NSF) works a voluntary qualifications plan for drinking water filtering items. They’ve created a huge selection of specifications that deal with essential performance criteria. Data correspond to certain standards, so people can validate they’re getting exactly what bargained for.

The Epic absolute was NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, 401 and P473 qualified, meaning they reduces:

  • Artistic, style and odor impurities
  • Understood harmful contamination
  • Growing pollutants — waste not yet managed of the EPA
  • PFOA and PFOS

Not totally all firms submit items for qualifications due to the price, nonetheless it’s really the only results assure a customer provides. The us government does not experiment or control h2o strain. Avoid versions that don’t meet these guidelines.


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